With the Google Nexus S available for purchase online from both Vodafone & Crazy John’s, the price war between these two friendly companies begins. Chances are you haven’t yet looked in great detail at what each plan from these companies comes with, so we’ve done it for you, so you can choose which plan suits you. If you’re not currently aware, Crazy John’s uses the Vodafone network, so keep that in mind also. We’ve compared a cap from both Voda & CJ’s that they recommend you sign up to. Hit the break to see our comparison.

The plans we’re comparing..

Vodafone: $65 Infinite Cap (+$5/mo Mobile Repayment)
Crazy John’s: $59 Crazy Cap (No Mobile Repayment)

  Vodafone (Infinite Cap) Crazy John’s (Crazy Cap)
Cost Per Month $70 $59
Total Cost (24mths) $1,680 $1,416
Cap Credit $65 $750
Data 2GB ($0.25/MB thereafter) 2GB ($0.50/MB thereafter)
SMS Unlimited (global) Unlimited (national)
MMS Unlimited (global) $0.50
Calls Unlimited (national) $0.90/min (+$0.30 flagfall — free to VHA & CJ’s)
Video Calls Unlimited (national) $1/min
Voicemail $0.50/min (+$0.35 flagfall) $0.90/min (+$0.30 flagfall)
Other Free access to MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Foursquare  
Link Vodafone – Nexus S Crazy John’s – Nexus S

We’ve highlighted in green what we believe is the better deal out of the two in each area, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right choice for you. Compare your current usage to the plans above to see which suits you better.

Remember: Some costs are only applied once cap credit has run out.

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Comparing ‘Cap Credits’ is misleading since the Vodafone credits only apply to certain call types like international calls, voicemail etc. Most of the standard call types – national voice calls, sms – are unlimited anyway. While for CJ, all calls use the same bucket of credit.

Just one of the things that makes an apples to apples comparison between plans so difficult.


Oh, for some reason I thought Crazy John’s was owned by Telstra and thought that was an amazing deal to be on Telstra’s network. Too bad.

Still though, those are both really damn good deals. How bad is Vodafone’s network though? I’m on Virgin (uses the Optus network) and I’m not 100% happy with my connection. I couldn’t imagine Vodafone being worse. That would almost make it unusable.


I suggest you might visit http://www.vodafail.com to get a sense of the Vodafone/CrazyJohns/3 quality.

Lee Bolton

I’d suggest not visiting…this is just a consumer who had a bee in his bonnet and decided to try and stick it to the man…
VHA have since announced a full network overhaul and still have the best plans on the market.
I’ve never had an issue with Vodafone at all. Great service, good data speeds and decent coverage where I need it. I use HTC Desire HD which helps…iPhone is rubbish on any network, no matter how good the coverage.


Price war? You do know that Crazy Johns is OWNED by Vodafone (VHA): not simply a user of the Vodafail network but an integral part of it? Do you want to revisit this article now and correct it? Perhaps along the lines of Vodafone is selling ….through two of its brands, Vodafone and Crazy Johns … oh and naturally its impossible which of the two Vodafone deals is better?

Buzz Moody

Not at all, I said they are basically the same entity.


No you said they were friendly. That’s a world away from saying “owned by”

Lee Bolton

If we were comparing 3 and Vodafone would you say the same thing??
VHA owns CJ’s, but that’s where it ends…
CJ’s do all their own plans and pricing, marketing etc.
It’s like Audi owning Lamborghini…Lambo still make their own cars, do their own marketing etc, it’s just under the Audi umbrella…

Paul Walker

Shouldn’t there be a data comparison too?

Paul Walker

Sorry I’m blind. Ignore my comment.