A lucky pair of hands over in France have got themselves any early preview of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. AndroidHD have posted up an 12 minute video of them showing what the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is capable of, and it looks very nice. Transitions look speedy and web browsing is pretty fluid as well, oh yeah and the UI looks nice and colourful on the 10.1″ display. They show a bit of gaming action as well, with the help of TegraZone at the end, and it looks really, really good. But we’re not going to keep telling you what it can do, we’ll let you watch the video for yourself after the break.

We’d also love to hear from you, would you buy this or the Motorola XOOM?

Source: AndroidHD.
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Man, now that is a sweet looking piece of kit. I think i will hold out to avoid the early adopter tax, but i think i may just buy a tablet this year 🙂

Alex Baldwin

I love my Galaxy S and Android for customisation, but I get the feeling that just like Android’s initial release it will take perhaps a year before it’s polished up and really shows its potential (like when Android hit Eclair and devices like the Nexus One / HTC Desire / Galaxy S started appearing). I’m a big fan of the interface and more multitasking-focused design of the Honeycomb interface, but watching that video it still seems to be a bit lacking in smoothness, as if the framerate of the basic interface needs some improvement which seems a bit odd considering… Read more »

Lee Bolton

I just can’t bring myself to buy a Motorola device…have tried them with no success and seen way too many Motorola devices end up in pieces due to problems and some enraged users.

I’m still going to wait a bit before purchasing anything though…Android is moving way too quick!


From all the information we have so far it looks like the Samsung Tab 10.1 WON’T have an Micro SD Slot. If that’s true, I will go with Xoom.
Any information about the battery? How long it will last?

Buzz Moody

Where have you heard that it won’t have a MicroSD Slot?


Not sure wher you’ve heard that from mate? Everything I have read/heard says it will have a microSD slot. Check out gsmarena.com for specs


Not sure wher you’ve heard that from mate? Everything I have read/heard says it will have a microSD slot. Check out gsmarena.com for specs


Not sure wher you’ve heard that from mate? Everything I have read/heard says it will have a microSD slot. Check out gsmarena.com for specs


Unless HTC comes out with a 10 inch tablet with comparable features, Samsung just got a customer. My big ol’ fingers would never settle for the Flyer the way it is now.

Don’t like MOTO’s stuff. Sorry.

Buzz Moody

I agree. I’d like to see HTC launch something(s) far more amazing than that of the mediocre ‘Flyer’.


Oh wow, that device looks beautiful….

Buzz Moody

I reckon!


I am tilting toward the wifi only Samsung.
After all, it’s Samsung’s second Gen device and SHOULD be even better than the 7″, plus, unlike Moto, we know it will hit the Australian market via the usual retailers.

Now, 10.1″ or 8.9″… THAT’S the big question!


That looks awesome. I’m tempted to get one.

Buzz Moody

It has got me saving up.


Both look good. If everything works out of the box with the samsung tab eg. Micro SD and flash, and offer a wifi only version, will be purchasing at launch.


I need a comparison between the Xoom and Galaxy Tab 10.1 to make decision.

Buzz Moody

What would you like to see compared?


i have always leaned towards the galaxy tab 10.1 over the motorolla xoom. the support for both 850mhz and 2100mhz is a win for me.

Lincoln Black

For me, if the software support was close to what the XOOM is expected to get, I’d opt for this. A WiFi only version would probably seal the deal.


not too keen on the xoom, most likely be more expensive than the 10.1 plus the size/weight advantage (and the xoom is getting motoblur down the track, right?) edge the xoom out. will wait too see the 8.9 though and if it has a samoled screen or not, price and if that 1.2 inches makes much of a difference


I’m definitely getting this or the smaller form factor TAB. Looks incredible!

James Pettigrove

Neither, I am after the Galaxy Tab 8.9 when it finally shows its face

Buzz Moody

Oh cool 😀


I am likewise hanging out for the 8.9. Got the 7inch galaxy tab now and love it, Honeycomb and dual core would make it almost perfect. Really like the look of the stylus on the flyer though, and the full size usb on the toshiba tablet.

Man I love the options you get with Android 😀

Buzz Moody

Well I just sold my Galaxy Tab to prepare for the upgrade to the Galaxy S II & Galaxy Tab 10.1


“Really like the look of the stylus on the flyer though”

Same here. Some people don’t like it and think it’s a backward step but I think that HTC has done their research and has found good use of the stylus. I just wish the screen is a little bigger.


I honestly don’t know after seeing that video… 🙂


Galaxy. Although Xoom is tearing up the benchmarks.