As you know, last night Lucas and Buzz stayed up, with caffeinated beverages at hand, going through the 160-odd entries we had for our Nexus S competition run with Vodafone and Samsung.

We selected our favourite entries which demonstrated creativity and best captured the essence of Android’s newest platform, Android 2.3 aka Gingerbread.

We stuffed those entries in an envelope, and ran it over to Vodafone in North Sydney for them to select a final winner. Vodafone have just run back to us (it’s a long run from North Sydney to the Ausdroid office) and dropped off the winning envelope.

So, without further delay, lets get down to business.

The winner is… Amanda Salles of St Ives, New South Wales, with her entry comprising a number of tasty looking baked goods! Amanda’s winning entry is shown below:

Amanda, the team at Ausdroid will soon be in touch to arrange delivery of your prize. To all of you who entered, thanks for your readership, and your creativity. We look forward to running more competitions this year, so keep an ear out for our next announcement which probably won’t be too far away.


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Wow that icing looks amazing!


A bit disappointed, but congratulations to Amanda. Well done. When can we try it? 🙂


Thanks everyone, it was a lot of fun to make! Thanks to Ausdroid/Vodafone/Samsung!

Buzz Moody

Well done & congratulations 🙂

Buzz Moody

This was an amazing effort. Heaps of cool stuff came in, was quite hard to choose just 10.

David Anderton

congrats, if i had to choose it would have been the bread roll, with julia gillards hair!


Nice one, congrats!



Dylan Waghorne

Deserving winner, congratulations, they looks fantastic!


I hope she baked enough to share with the whole class!


wow 🙂
great work Amanda, well deserved


that looks delicious!

Ilija Vrtaric

haha awesome work Amanda! congrats! 🙂

Chris Oli

She will be very happy to hear! Thank you Ausdroid, Voda and co

geoff fieldew

A worthy winner. Well done Amanda!


well deserved, that’s awesome! haha 🙂


Well done looks good and delicious

Lucas Burnett

Congrats to Amanda, great entry and well done