+ Thursday January 30th, 2020

I like rumours as much as the next guy and espeically when they contain a heap of information like the one I’ve just received. According to a source, who has gotten in touch with us, HTC plan to do a re-fresh mid year with the handsets due for a Q4 release date. This lines up with what HTC normally do: the Desire Z and Desire HD were both announced mid year-ish and launch Q4, so this is nothing new. What also is not new is that they are going to be doing dual core handsets: Pyramid anyone? This confirms the fact that HTC are looking at dual core handsets, with the Pyramid being just one. What doesn’t line up is the rumours HTC may announce the Pyramid at CTIA next week.

The other rumour is that the “Facebook” phones, the Salsa and ChaCha, are also lined up to hit our fair land, along with HTC’s 7″ tablet, the Flyer. Vodafone was mentioned in relation to the Flyer, but again no solid evidence of this was given. No mention of dates were given for the release of this lineup, except for saying it should be soon. We have reached out to HTC for clarification of these rumours but are yet to hear back from them. Once we do, an update will be posted. Like with all rumours, take them with a bucket-load of salt, but at least we have more pieces, in a year, that is shaping up, to be one giant puzzle.

Lucas Burnett  

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HTC definitely needs to announce phones with more impressive specs to compete with Samsung, Motorola & LG out there.

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