The next installment in the Ausdroid Aussie App Review series has landed, and today we’re looking at Quota from SouthFreo Software.

Quota is a simple app, and yet another which has made the transition from iOS to Android.

Quota is an app which checks your usage of your mobile account, including data and call usage, as well as checking usage on other items, such as ISP/broadband accounts, toll accounts, and loyalty cards.

It offers two easy ways to access your data and check your usage – two widgets (shown to the right) which either show progress bars, or a textual representation of your usage, or you can check the usage of many accounts at once by opening the app itself.

Being a user of few accounts at the moment, I’ve only tested the app with Telstra Postpay and the app works as described on the Ausdroid Motorola Atrix. In previous versions of Quota I’ve used on the iPhone, I’ve also used Quota to check Vodafone usage and RTA e-Toll accounts, both of which worked exactly as described.

I’ve taken a bundle of screen shots and described what you can see in each so you can get a feel for how the application works. It’s a breeze to use and provides must-have data at your fingertips to ensure you don’t go over any included usage on your mobile or broadband, or to help you keep on top of toll or loyalty card usage.

[nggallery id=69]

Quota is one of those must-have apps if you’re using data on your phone, and it makes checking data across a variety of sources an easy and quick proposition.

Thoroughly recommended.

If you’d like your own copy, Quota is in beta now, and available on the Android Market for free here: Quota from SouthFreo Software.

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    This has been discontinued by the Dev and should be removed. hardly any of the providers work anymore.

    Arthur Koulianos

    This one sounds really good. Similar to the Vodafone app launched last year, but for Android phones. Wonder if it sucks much data itself or battery. Worth a try.


    Sounds promising and I rushed to install on my SGS from VF running 2.2. But the menu doesn’t pop up when I press the menu key. That means that I can’t report a problem through the app. I looked up their web site but it refers me back to the app. Reporting here in hope that the makers will notice this comment.


    The best place to get hold of the dev of the app for such a bug report is over on Whirlpool.

    Quota for Android


    Thanks very much! I copied my comment to that thread.


    Thanks for the review. Installing it immediately.
    Only down side with this current beta is that it doesn’t, yet, do the TransLink Go Cards here in SEQ.