So, it seems as anticipation of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1‘s arrival grows, so too does the advertising of said device’s arrival. One Ausdroid reader alerted us to a promotional event being held in Sydney this morning. Sounds like a Samsung gig, as they’re advertising both the Nexus S and Galaxy Tab 10.1 – and to advertise them, they’re handing out coffee and macarons!

We also have news from Vodafone this morning that they will have an exclusive version of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 customised for Vodafone. Indicative pricing shows it will be $729 outright, which comes with 6GB of data (perhaps on a prepaid SIM?), or it will be available on a 12 month plan for $259 up front and then $39 a month (including 1.5GB of data each month), making a total of $727 over the year – the better deal if you’re going to stick with Vodafone.

We can’t wait.

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Just been to event ..was able to get info. About the processor its snapdragon not tegra ..with no expandable memory and proprietary connection ..NO for me …will be waiting for product from the good guys at mobicity or expansys

Mikhail Cass

I thought it was pretty much the same device only differences was thickness, MicroSD, and Camera?


So Aus gets dumped with old stock as usual, still @ $39 a month that’s very affordable!

Lady Fran W

The Vodafone release will also only be the 16GB model and will not have an SD card slot for optional expandable memory.

Justin Harvey

I believe this is the old 10.1, not the new thiner one. lame!
“Samsung says it has no plans to bring that original version out in the US, but it will still hit Vodafone overseas.”
i kind of hope it has TouchWiz UX as it actually looks like it adds a bit to the Honeycomb experience. ability to resize widgets being my main want

Lucas Burnett

Yup, I is the old one, it’s measures 10.9mm think which is definitely the old Tab 10.1. This, I would say, allows Vodafone to label it a “Limited Edition” because it’s not made anymore.


Haha good one. Me no getting any “limited” stuff from Vodafone.

Jamie Cranston

on the pre-register page it has in the specs that the processor is a : “1GHz Dual Core Processor”
im hoping for the tegra 2, which they kinda hint at with one of the “cool apps”
under “Samurai II: Vengence”, it says that it comes with a bunch of tegra 2 exclusives 😉

Prasun Shakya

Are Vodafone Releasing with Nvidia’s dual-core Tegra 2 processor or not ..any info.


the galaxy tab 10.1v was just announce by vodafone as coming in april. pre register page is up! now just got to figure out why i get no replys from ausdroid on twitter.