Sunday , October 22 2017

Sony Ericsson loosen their grip, will allow certain new devices to have unlocked bootloaders

Well goodness me, aren’t Sony Ericsson currently on a roll with good news. This time they’re saying that certain new Xperia devices (Neo, Arc & Play) will allow you to unlock their bootloaders subject to certain terms & conditions. The devices that allow this will be generic devices that are SIM unlocked and more than likely not sold directly through a Carrier. SE haven’t said exactly how they will go about the unlocking process, which will more than likely be via an app, PC software or command line code.

Sony Ericsson said that unlocking the bootloader, which allows custom builds of Android to be flashed onto the device, will be subject to T&Cs such as your warranty being void, though they’ll still fix your device and charge you a no doubt massive handling fee. They also won’t be liable if your device causes you any harm, melts your device to the ground or starts a thermonuclear war. These terms are pretty good if you’re a developer that doesn’t really care about the warranty and know the thrills and dangers that come with the hacking process. Sony Ericsson, you may have just moved into my good books, but only just. For more in-depth info, hit the source link.

Source: Sony Ericsson Developer Blog.

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Dylan Waghorne
Valued Guest

Good for them, actually trying to do good for there bad rep with the X10.

Valued Guest

WWow that’s awesome

Valued Guest

Damn, wish they’d unlock it for carrier mobiles too but I guess this is better than some other companies.

Jake Oliver
Valued Guest
Jake Oliver

I’m sure it will be possible to flash a generic firmware to carrier mobiles, and then unlock it.

Tomas Donovic
Valued Guest

Now, if only they used some materials other than plastic on their phones they would be making gazillions.


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