+ Sunday December 8th, 2019

Update: and we are done, look out for the download…

Are you ready to have your minds blown with casual banter and the occasional bit of news, or vice versa? We will be live tonight at 8pm AEST. It will be our second Ausdroid Podcast where we’ll cover some of the weeks news in a bit of detail, oh yeah, as usual we’ll be streaming it live to USTREAM so you can listen in and give us your input on some of the topics.

The Podcast team will consists of Lucas, Buzz, Geoff, Matthew & Scott. If things don’t go smoothly, that’s just normal 🙂

Live strem and chat is ready after the break.

Lucas Burnett  

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How much longer before the MP3 of the podcast is available for download?


Where is the subscription link/rss feed for the podcast?

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