Tuesday , June 5 2018

Who got a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1v? What do you think of it?

Note: We would also love to hear from anyone , if you have picked up the Acer Iconia A500, give us your thoughts.

With the launch finally under way and stock flowing out to pre-sale customers, we would love to know, who out of you got one and what you think of it? First impressions? Issues?, Problems? What you love about it? What are you going to use it for? Would you have got one if it wasn’t with Vodafone? Let us know in the comment section, we are going to be talking about the Tab 10.1v in tonight’s Podcast and we would love your input.

Buzz: Mine got carded to the local PO for collection tomorrow. *rage*

Lucas Burnett  


  1. Jordan_fletcher

    I just got a samsung galaxy tab from optus today on their $39.95 plan. I really like the change as I have an iPhone 4 also. I believe that Apple and Android are good in different ways at the moment. I love the fact that you can put an SD memory card into the tab and that it doesn’t run on iTunes only. I also like the size, i could not imagine using and iPad without feeling stupid. lol. the graphics on the tab seem to be great. The app management system is a bit tricky compared to iPhone but I suppose that just takes getting used to. I’m so sort of playing with it. I know I will enjoy having it and I totally think it’s worth thinking about.

  2. Dont get the Acer, screen is simply terrible and video playback is crab also

  3. Just tested a Tab for 10 minuets in Sydney CBD, Everything was good except the video playback which was better than Acer but still skipping through the frame rate, Which was very unimpressive. Looking forward to testing Xoom and other tablet coming out soon.

  4. Hey all, grabbed myself the acer iconia a500 today, very impressed with it so far, havent tested the USB port yet. The only real problem I have with it at the moment is that it shows up in Windows 7 as a Portable media player, as the connection to the PC is through “acer sync” on the devices end.

  5. Hey Buzz, can you Test a Fling (http://goo.gl/2NL6k) out with all these android tablets if i send you one?

  6. I wanted to get one of these when it was announced earlier this year, but soon changed my mind when I discovered Samsung were doing away with the micro SD card slot, what a joke. I’m waiting for the Acer Iconia with 3G, that of course if bloody telstra ever get their act in gear and certify it !!

  7. I wanted to get one of these when it was announced earlier this year, but soon changed my mind when I discovered Samsung were doing away with the micro SD card slot, what a joke. I’m waiting for the Acer Iconia with 3G, that of course if bloody telstra ever get their act in gear and certify it !!

  8. Mansonitefirefox

    mine has really terrible backlight consistency… the whole top right hand corner of the screen is obviously much much much brighter than the rest of the screen.

    taking it back to vodafone tomorrow for warranty replacement

  9. Iconia tab selling at myer in next few days I saw dymocks staff with an acer rep playing with one in the foodcourt today-random lol.

  10. Got mine today, have spent the last hour or so playing with it, and I love it! It will only get better with time, as more apps get released to take advantage of the tablet form.

    Mine was purchased (actually on contract) as a work tool. Here’s hoping that Samsung/Vodafone will keep the updates coming as soon as is possible.

    PS – I have replaced the Vodafone sim with a Telstra sim

  11. Mansonitefirefox

    The camera is great but the fact I cannot charge from the USB port on my computer is a bit annoying. Also the video codecs are very picky

    • The USB issue is pretty normal, USB isn’t designed for high currents, most phones pull way too power and then there is the ipad, which ignores all standards and does it own thing (google ipad usb wont charge), so that has issues.

      Basically the tablet uses more power while on than the usb port can provide, including the ipad!

      • Mansonitefirefox

        i have high powered USB3 ports on my mobo that can charge an iPad, still doesnt work

        • Correct, cause the galaxy tab is built with usb2 in mind and not usb3, as such it doesn’t support usb charging fullstop, unlike some other pads that ignore ‘standards’ and do what they like

  12. I imported a Xoom from B&H New York it cost $630 and took 4 days via UPS. much better option ,has SD card for future expantion , Micro USB , and Mini HDMI all the things the samsung down’t have. Being Google’s flagship device like my desire you can guarantee Android upgrades and extend its life. samsung have bad update support. Sweet my HTC desire has had stock Gingerbread since febuary and my Xoom has stock Honeycomb. cybergee.com.au

  13. we’re actually selling the Acer Iconia A500 if you wanna check it out, http://shop.pchappy.com.au/Notebooks/Acer-Iconia-10-1-Tablet-A500.aspx?stockid=13228, i haven’t had a chance to play with it myself yet though

  14. Nice piece of hardware. (Almost) everything works well out of the box.

    However, it refuses to connect to my wireless – NB6Plus4W in case someone else has the same issue. It connects to several other routers just fine, so it’s a bit of a mystery.

  15. Ok guys.. I picked mine up from the Vodafone store in the city (Sydney) this after noon. I manged to pickup the last unit they had in stock.

    I am very happy with it. It is just so smooth and fast it is incredible.

    I have already found a few applications that are not compatible with this device but not a bit deal I am sure they will all catch up in no time at all.

    This is my first Android so I am very happy with that alone…

    The screen is so bright and clear which makes browsing the internet a dream.

    My only issue is with Vodafone.. it seems that the product is not listed in their system yet and it took over 1 hour to get it all setup…

  16. First off: I DID!
    Secondly: This is much better than I expected. I was expecting great things from it already, but when I picked up the shipping box I thought “damn, its gotta be the case cos its so light”… it wasn’t, this thing is so small and light and awesome.

    9/10 from me. Be sure to get one if you can.

  17. Mine is for “work”, but I’m yet to figure out exactly what that means. Oh, and media consumption (fb, twitter, rss)

  18. first … also I have the orginal galaxy tab and got to play with this before launch, personal experience says telstra if a prefered data carrier (for data only for faster speeds) however I’m glad vodafone got this and the price is alright.

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