I think we all knew HTC was planning to bring at least one 10″ tablet into the market this year, that tablet just might be the HTC Puccini (codename of course) which just came to light through a leaked ROM. The ROM gave us all a few of the following details.

ro.board.platform = msm8660
ro.product.model = HTC PucciniLte
ro.product.brand = cingular_us
ro.product.display_resolution = WXGA resolution (800 * 1280)
ro.com.google.clientidbase = android-htc
ro.build.version.release = 3.0.1

What does this all mean? Well, the CPU is a Qualcomm MSM8660 which is the 1.2GHz CPU that’s found in the upcoming HTC Sensation, except just clocked up to its normal speed of 1.5GHz. The product model of HTC PucciniLte tells us that it’s going to be LTE compatible and the brand shows that this bad boy is headed to Cingular in the US of A for starters. It’s also worth noting the now-normal resolution of 1280×800.

The interesting part about this tablet is that it’s running 3.0.1 (possibly 3.1 at launch), which is Honeycomb, but the tablet has been completely decked out with Sense UI, much like the HTC Flyer. At launch Google wanted to make Honeycomb look nice enough that manufacturers wouldn’t have to come along and maul it in order to differentiate their product too much. HTC evidently didn’t receive this memo; making it interesting to see if they can provide updates for the device in a timely fashion. Feel free to bring this to Australia at any point in time, HTC.

Source: 911sniper.
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Brendan Barton

Too much phone for tablet. too much tablet for phone


yeah i agree this looks like crap. one thing i don’t want in a tablet is just an enlarged version of a phone which is what this looks like. it’s also why i haven’t bothered with an ipad, a galaxy tab, and wouldn’t touch the htc flyer. hopefully htc can get their act together and bring out something with a little more class. it seems like they’re resting on their laurels just trotting out the same thing, time and again


So they seem to be bringing out two devices – the Puccini for the US market and the Verdi for the god know what market. Hopefully Verdi will make it was to Australia. 


 I’ll be keeping my eye on this one. I won’t mind getting a HTC tablet one day but not the HTC  Flyer. 


 #FAIL HTC… i am starting to wonder wtf (can i say wtf?) is going on over there… all these SMALL incremental releases with handsets… sense ui EVERYWHERE is off putting imho- too much, too busy.  

The new touchwiz looks much better tbh- and i normally hate touchwiz.


That clock could be a quarter of the size and still be seen easily – waste of space.


 Yuck. That is all. This better not be final

Scott MacLeod

 If it is released with the UI above, I won’t be getting it. 3.0 looks so much better…