Thursday , May 24 2018

NVIDIA previews ‘Glowball’ game on quad-core Project Kal-El CPU

What do you do when you’re the designer and manufacturer of an upcoming quad-core CPU that’s capable of blowing every current device out of the water? You taunt the competition and consumers with it, obviously, and that’s exactly what NVIDIA have done with their Project Kal-El CPU. For those of you who have not met Kal-El before, let me introduce you. Kal-El is the codename for Tegra 3 which is a quad-core CPU clocked at above 1GHz (rumored to be 1.5GHz) and also features a 12-core GPU. That awesome GPU is demonstrated in the video embedded after the break. It shows lighting and physics all happening in real-time, without the use of static images. Colour us impressed. Bring on Tegra 3 tablets in Q4.

Source: NVIDIA Blog.

Buzz Moody  

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4 Comments on "NVIDIA previews ‘Glowball’ game on quad-core Project Kal-El CPU"

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Mikhail Cass
Valued Guest

Galaxy S II can take it 😛 so excited to pick mine up tomorrow!

John Laylan
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John Laylan

Do want.

Ausdroid Reader

That is all.

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