You see the phone above? That’s the HTC Desire, the phone we said was the best phone of 2010, and yesterday HTC UK announced that it would not be upgraded to Android 2.3 because the hardware — RAM in particular — would not be able to handle the updated OS with Sense UI slapped atop of it. After this announcement, HTC Desire owners worldwide grabbed their pitchforks and confronted HTC like the angry mob they are. The result? A few hours ago HTC did a 180 degree backflip on their decision and said they will update the original Desire to Gingerbread. See, being a part of an angry mob on the internet does get you somewhere good. No doubt we’ll see HTC chop resource intensive parts of Sense UI out of the update to ensure it will work flawless on the Desire, not to mention the release date will most likely be pushed back past the June release date Telstra have.

Source: HTC UK (Facebook).
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They should just borrow a few tricks from xda and partition the SD. Insert coin is already rocking senses 3


it’s sad that it has taken this long but it’s good to know it will still be getting it considering it’s probably the highest used android phone in australia