Optus’ reign of the Samsung Galaxy S II is now over now that Vodafone have just announced via Twitter that their stores are now stocking the Galaxy S II. You can snap up a Galaxy S II on Vodafone’s $45 infinite cap with $10/mo repayments or $0 upfront on any Infinite cap above $45. We highly recommend the Galaxy S II, no matter which carrier you choose, actually I prefer outright so I don’t deal with carriers. You should certainly check out our Galaxy S II review though.

Source: @Vodafone_AU.
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I received my Galaxy S II from Vodafone on Friday.  Nice phone.  Does anyone know how to set it up so that you can send and receive MMS messages?  I had Vodafone “support” send me through a configuration file that sets up an APN for “VF PXT”, but it still doesn’t work after that.  Anyone got any tips (other than “don’t use Vodafone”)…


Yeah, I’ll probably go Vodafone. Unlimited calling, txting and social networking for $65 is really appealing. And their network’s getting better since the’ve established the 850Mhz (Same as Telstra Next G) frequency on their network.


Pretty amazing our carriers all got them before the US one’s.

Matt McLeod

Our carriers aren’t insisting on modifying the hardware and rebranding the packaging…


I wonder what sort of bloatware will be on the Vodafone version of the Samsung Galaxy S II. The Optus version has a bunch of useless, battery-draining applications preloaded so hopefully Vodafone handles it better. I’ll probably pop in to a Vodafone store to see what it’s like on their handset (unless anyone here knows that is).


Now if only Telstra would get their act together!

Ty Hancock

This would be significantly less annoying if they’d shipped the pre-orders PRIOR to releasing them in-store!

Matt McLeod

Just how dreadful is Voda these days?  I’ve been avoiding them for a while now, but it’s just about upgrade time and $65 for “all you can eat” is pretty appealing…

Raunak Prasad

They really aren’t that bad. I’ve been with them since about December last year and haven’t really had problems. Only rarely is there a lack of coverage but 95% it’s perfectly useable. Apparently they’re upgrading the network but you’ll have to confirm that one yourself. 


Seeing the pic of the phone… I had forgotten just how much I’d customised mine & removed so much TouchWiz stuff. Gawd I love Android.


I love Go Launcher !!!!


Except for the bugs its ok