Rumour: Samsung Galaxy S II will be available from Telstra on July 16th

Pricing: We haven’t heard a word on pricing just yet. Big T might be working out how to better price the SGSII alongside the Sensation.

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Yay for the Rumour Mill which is currently pumping out enough rumours to power a small town, or at least my tech-filled house. What we’ve got here is a tidbit that suggests Telstra will make the Galaxy S II available on July 16th, which is just under 3 weeks from today and just over 2 weeks from when they’ll announce availability on Thursday. The phrase ‘make available‘ is fairly ambiguous though. We’re thinking that maybe this means pre-orders will be delivered and major stores will begin to sell this magical, fire-breathing beast.

Just a note, Telstra: This time you can’t tell us there isn’t enough stock to supply the demand. This is a Quadband HSPA+ device, not a device made just for your network ;). We’ll fill you in on any other details if they come to hand before the announcement on Thursday.

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  • will be interesting to see where they price in relation to the Sensation.  They are similar devices, some prefer the SGSII to the Sensation- and the SGSII has better specs....

    AND voda have the SGSII for $10/month on $49....

    interesting times ahead the next few weeks....

  • I wonder what they are up to .. the original galaxy S is still so expensive from them,the plus version of that is coming (bumped up processor) and now samsung is bringing out a plus version of the S II with the processor @ 1.4ghz instead of 1.2

    • I think it has something to do with making as much money as possible on a monopolised premium network. I pretty much stay on Optus' network out of spite. Telstra could learn a lot from Internode.

  • SNORE!!!, Tel$tra once again turn up to the party after all of the hot slutty girls have already been taken. BUT, no doubt their marketing gimps will try to make out that its something 'special' only on the nextgimp network, and as history has taught us with tel$tra, the plans will be more expensive, and include LESS bang-for-buck than its competitors. Big shock.
    The party is over Tel$tra, the music is off, and even the ugly fat girl will reject you tonight.  

    •  I told everyone it would be available on the 27th ,well now official 26th. I was close.

    • HAHA, well fcuk me!, WHAT A BIG SHOCK!, Obviously as it needs to be configured specially to work on the NextGimp 850 network, so the 8 week delay since release by other carriers is justified. Good work Tel$tra...good work! If you need another 8 or 12 weeks, just let us know, no rush, we are fine with it. Keep up the good work for all those many many happy customers.

  • I walked into the Telstra shop today in Collins Street Melbourne today and they advised me it's getting released next week on the 12th (so the recon). I hope this is true but as other's have said I won't hold my breathe. They said it's going to get released before the Sensation but who know's really, I didn't bother asking them about pricing.

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