Is it that time again? Please tell me it is? Yes it is, everyone celebrate! It’s been two weeks since we last invaded your audio privacy and it’s about to go down all over again. This week is a bit different, we answer your questions from the last fortnight and also get down and dirty about the Future of Android. We’ll also have a chat about the news that broke over the last fortnight.

Note: If you haven’t submitted your questions yet, post them in the comments and we will answer them live on air.

This weeks Ausdroid Podcast team consists of Lucas, Buzz, Scott & Geoff. USTREAM is embedded for your viewing pleasure after the break.

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    do you guys think Android will ever become a uniform OS?  by that i mean; With any iOS device a consumer can use one, then pick up another and know where each menu is, how to run an app, and how to use the device. However android (google) is allowing any manufacturer to modify and change the OS to the point where it’s completely different, and to the point where there can be two android phones side by side and not even realise they’re both Android. so, Will Android ever get to the stage where a ‘normal consumer’ can pick… Read more »


    How do I update to 2.2 On an HTC wildfire unlocked on tpg? No chance of them sending an update to my phone, and is it worth updating to 2.2 from 2.1?


    Check to see if there is a custom ROM for the HTC Wildfire, I’m guessing there would be. Maybe a CyanogeMod, they seem to make them for a heap of HTC’s 🙂


    Do carriers really have to pay for android upgrades… I’m with 3….have flashed genuine Samsung 2.3.4 on my galaxy s. Love it. My wife doesn’t trust me yet to do hers..she’s waiting for official upgrade through * cough * Kies…. Why do slow? Is it Samsung of the fascists at VHA ?


    Where did you get this from?


    I was just wondering do you think the htc desire z is a good phone if so do you think it is still in the league with the new dual core or 1.X GHz processors and the other big boys out there thank you and one last question do you there will be a gingerbread update for it and when ??

    Thank you.


    Howdy, great podcast you guys do each week. Yay for the Perth boy!
    Anyway, my question is… I’m with Optus at the moment, HTC Desire, Leedroid 3.0.7, and getting really slow internet speeds. Same with any phone I use, and new sim card. Considering  changing carrier due to slow mobile phone net speeds in Perth. Who would you recommend, or should I wait it out until Optus gets its finger out?

    Lucas Burnett

    Great question, added to list, tune in to have it answered.