Sunday , August 19 2018

I’ve returned from the Rumour Mill with a bag of salt and this news. The first part of the rumour is that Optus will stock the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the near future. Our source said this has been confirmed inside of Optus, but we’re lacking details to call it confirmed ourselves. There’s nothing stopping Optus from stocking the Galaxy Tab 10.1 as Vodafone never announced it as an exclusive to their network, like they did with the 10.1v. We’ll see if anymore news comes through the wires.

The second part of the rumour is that Motorola are trying to get rid of the Motorola XOOM. Our source told us Motorola are telling Telstra and Optus to sell them while they can because as soon as the Galaxy Tab 10.1 comes out they’ll have no advantage over it. So Optus will need to sell a majority of their existing XOOM’s before they, and Vodafone, stock the 10.1. Interesting stuff.

Buzz Moody  

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Can anyone confirm if the Xoom’s display is groilla glass?

Valued Guest

Did you guys ever did a review of the Xoom? I’m just wondering whether it’s worthwhile getting it if the price comes down.

Valued Guest

I thought they did, but can’t see it listed…… Buzz had a xoom for a while, I wonder why no review?

Evan Whiteside
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Evan Whiteside

this would be most awesome!

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