Wednesday , June 6 2018

Huawei Found Phones: Follow the clues, find a phone (Sydney & Melbourne) — Friday 15th

Alright Ausdroidians, we know you love phones, especially free ones, so here’s your chance to win yourself a Huawei X1. There’s two ways to do this, the first: Each day this week there will be a clue for where the Huawei X1 will be hidden in both Sydney and Melbourne and you have to search for it; here are the clues for tomorrow Friday 15th!

  • Sydney (4-5PM): “It takes a little bit of Winter Magic to find this one, so get your skates on peeps”
  • Melbourne (1-2PM): “Here fishy, fishy, swim to daddy.”

The second way to win a phone is to like Huawei’s Facebook Page and then enter your name and details into the draw. Simple! Let us know in the comments if you find or win an X1!

Buzz Moody  


  1. My partner won the daily Facebook giveaway today. Kudos to Ausdroid for putting the competition on our radar. Your RSS feed continues to be a favourite of mine.

  2. I’d prefer the girl on the right than a phone… Just sayin’

  3. Heh, i hung around for 10 minutes today, and i actually saw the photo of the winners (?) being taken. Fail. Close, but no cigar.

  4. Damir Kurspahic

    it is a FREE phone that you didnt pay for

    what are you expecting a galaxy S II

  5. Those are some pretty lame clues.  Clearly not going for an intellectual challenge…

  6. If it was a better phone I would consider it. It’s a $89 phone [Optus website] and the time and effort and parking fees aren’t really worth it to be honest.

    Good idea but it’s let down by the prize.

  7. Hey guys, 2 hours of dodging parking cops around the ‘square’ was a waste of time.
    Earlier vids showed many phones given away in sydney and it looks like only 1 (ONE) was given away in Melb. Whoop-dee-doo 
    Using the hint of ‘square’ when there are 2 nearby is lazy research – Fed Sq and City Sq. Also Fed sq is HUGE. It needed to be a little more exact. Anyway nearly 2 hours wasted on a below average phone, and $8+ in meter money.

    sorry, poor promo guys.

  8. What’s with turning secure connection on facebook to view there page to enter 

  9. Oh Huawei….. you go to all this trouble and all you give away is a Huawei X1!?

    Sadly I see this turning people away from Huawei and android phones. The Huawei X1 is a $99 special, built for a price, low specs, poor screen, just plan cheap and nasty.

    If your going to go to this much trouble, why not give something good away? Huawei X5 phone is about 10x better….

    Maybe toss in a Huawei S7 tablet too! (the good one, not the old one)

  10. Ha, ha. The clip looks like scenes from “Smile! You’re on candid camera”.
    Some of the people’s reaction were like “Aaarghhh! I was going to return it! Honestly!!”

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