It seems like only a little while ago that Google gave the Android Market a fresh new UI, but Google are already giving it another upgrade this time offering movies for rent and books for purchase straight from the Market.

Movies will be available starting at $1.99 and can be streamed or downloaded to your device for offline viewing. Books will also be available and as they are linked to your Google account it looks as though you can access them from any phone or tablet linked to your account. At this stage books and movies will only be available for US users (as per usual) but you can bet some smart android user will find a way to open this up to the rest of the world before too long.

Google are also offering a “faster, easier, and more fun” experience for all eligible users on Android 2.2 and higher with top charts, staff picks and Editors’ Choice apps. The new Market will be automatically pushed to your phone over the next few weeks, or.. why not install it right now!

Source: Google Mobile Blog.
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    Geoff Fieldew

    No movies on there yet! Or I don’t know how to find them?


    Downloaded and installed on my rooted Optimus One running stock LG 2.2
    Works fine, no FCs or app update install problems.
    The main page categories is a great idea, improves the visibility of a lot of apps and games.
    But there’s another change that is equally as noteworthy, that Matt missed mentioning, the updated My Apps section. It now has an ‘Uninstalled’ category that shows the Google default apps that you have pulled off the phone.


    I love it, I just hope my app comes up on that main screen one day


    Whats ur app?


    hologram livewallpaper

    James Monteverdi

    Looks great. Already found a new app that I didn’t see on the old app.

    Patrick L

    I installed the apk with no issues however I’m getting force closes everytime I try and download anything.

    Anyone having the same issues?

    I’m running a HTC Desire, rooted with Redux 1.2.


    I like the new interface, but they need to change the colours of the stars IMO.


    love this update…reminds me of Windows Phone 7 though, but it’s the best android market update I have seen!


    The major benefit I see is the Top Charts, Staff Picks and Editor’s Choice. Currently the only way to find out about cool new apps is via word of mouth, the charts will give new apps more visibility and ultimately benefit both developers and users

    Julian Pinget

    is it just me or does this bare a grand resemblance to the WP7 metro ui?


    I agree, the tiled interface reminds me of Windows Phone 7 too


    This new UI looks very sleek…loving it!

    Ilija Vrtaric

    just got an unknown ‘Application Update’ when I turned on my wifi, but looks like it didn’t do anything for the Market App 😐