Dear Samsung, I’m so glad this isn’t an official Galaxy Tab 10.1 accessory made by you, because it sure wouldn’t help your case with Apple, but why on earth are you selling it in your stores in Korea?! Yes ladies and gents, that picture above shows it all. Samsung are selling this knock-off of the iPad Smart Cover in their Korean stores as they’re made by a “key accessories supplier”. I can’t see these making it to the Australian launch and certainly not the American launch of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 since Samsung are facing off Apple in a lawsuit over Samsung copying Apple’s designs.

One word: fail

Source: Gizmodo.
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I think it’s great, not fail at all.


I wish people would get over this. It’s a 3rd party made item. Do we bitch about every silicon case or leather folder-like item made for the tabs, phones etc .. Backoff Samsung a bit.

Julian Pinget

Yeah others have done it before but -borrowing apple terms – Samsung is just “doing it right “


wow. love the ‘fail’ tag