Just when you thought the Nexus S was living its last days with rumours of a Nexus 4G / Nexus Prime looming, Google comes out and announces a new variant of the pure Google experience device that works on AT&T over in the US of A. What this means in reality is that it works on 850/1900/2100MHz 3G as opposed to the 900/2100MHz variant that has been available through Vodafone, so it will work on Telstra’s speedy NextG network and Vodafone’s new nameless 850MHz network.

No doubt importers and online retailers such as MobiCity will be able to sell them soon, but we’ve reached out to Vodafone to see if they have any interest in putting Nexus S users on their new network. We’ll update this post with their response if we get one.

Source: Google Mobile Blog.
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Isn’t mobicity already selling a nextg (850) variant? http://www.mobicity.com.au/samsung-google-nexus-s-nextg.html

Dylan Waghorne

Nexus S still relevant? 

Buzz Moody

To some people, absolutely. The pure Google experience can be a massive selling point.


till you have held the nexus S in ur hand you wont understand why its such a great phone

Glyn Stuckey

I’ve just gotten a Sensation (and love it, and will moreso when the bootloader is unlocked), but if Telstra had had the Nexus as an option I probably would have gone that over any other phone, just for the ease of upgrading Android