Tuesday , October 24 2017

LG K to be a 4.5-inch dual-core smartphone with a 720p display?

LG’s rest-of-2011 handset lineup looks to be pretty lackluster, except for one of those devices, the LG K. It is the least known about, and now the most intriguing, with its supposed 4.5-inch IPS LCD Display which will be 1280×720 (720p) resolution; that’s ~326ppi — the same, if not more, than the iPhone 4’s Retina Display. HD screens aren’t unheard of in mobile devices, Hitachi announced their 4.5-inch HD screen back in February. Dual-Core was not mentioned by Pocket Now, we’re just speculating, because if you’ve ever used a dual-core device with a qHD display you’ll know that it can slow down at times, so a HD screen would bring a single-core to its knees. We’re just hoping it’s much better than the rest of the current LG Android devices available.

Source: Pocket Now.

Buzz Moody  

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