Google has been constantly working away at the Android Market web store to ensure that there’s enough functionality for both users and developers. Their latest addition to the web store is the 30 day install graph, which gives you a rough idea of how many times the particular application was downloaded and installed over a one month period.

This is a great tool for users and developers to see how popular their application was after a new update was pushed and to show a slow down in installs if their app becomes outdated or useless. The graph is of course generated by Google’s Chart API . We’d like to see additions to the web store, such as this graph, also added to the Android Market application for devices. What do you guys think of the graph, is it more for developers to gauge user response?

Source: Android Market web store.
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Ranga Fargath

Hi i cant see this history graph for my application. Please suggest something, and eager to know what was the problem with my app.

below is the link for my app,


There is no legend so you have no idea if
the numbers over the last 30 days are tens, hundreds or thousands. It’s pretty
useless in my opinion.


Yeah this.

Kinda ok, I guess, but if you could click it to get more info, it’d be more useful. Right now it’s just a squiggly line that doesn’t mean much at all.

Jake Oliver

Would be interesting to correlate the data with when the app appears on a popular website 🙂


Their latest addition


Buzz Moody



First…  Google Chart API.  Neato.  I might look at using that.
Second…  install numbers…  hmmm.  Interesting, but useful?  Dunno.
Third…  Quota is a very nice little app.  I monitor a bunch of accounts with it.  I like it alot.