Back in April HTC registered 7 trademarks for what we assumed would be future devices, recently they registered 5 more trademarks. Velo, Cheetah, Skyrocket, Raider and Titan are now owned by HTC Corporation. Going back to the first 7 trademarks from April — HTC Radiant, HTC Equalize, HTC Port, HTC Rift, HTC Cobalt, HTC Vivid and HTC Pro — none of these have actually found their way onto any form of mobile device; maybe the HTC Puccini will fit right into one?

As for the new 5 trademarks, they are a mixed bag and don’t seem to have any correlation between specs and the device names. HTC Velo seems short for Velocity (speedy). HTC Cheetah I assume will be an extremely fast device as the Cheetah is the fastest animal on earth. HTC Skyrocket sounds like it will be useless and you’ll end up throwing it skywards (I joke, I joke). HTC Raider instantly reminds be of Tomb Raider and therefore a gaming device. HTC Titan sounds like it could take down a small horse, so I’m sure it’ll be something impressive. What do you guys think?

Source: Pocket Now.
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Titan: a revamp of the TyTn?


New names are cool, but a new design would be even better.