Saturday , February 24 2018

Samsung have sold over 5,000,000 Galaxy S II units in 85 days, selling faster than the Galaxy S did

Although some of the text in the image above may be written in Korean and the whole source link is in Korean, some simple translating puts it all in place. Samsung have sold 5,000,000 — that’s 5 million! — Galaxy S II units in 85 days, that’s insane! It took the original Galaxy S 125 days to sell the same number of units. Going by the chart above, Samsung are expecting to have sold 10 million Galaxy S II units by day 100 which is 15 days away, I think they might be pushing their luck a bit for 15 days, however I have no problem in understanding 10,000,000 of these beasts being sold in available countries. So there you have it folks, 5 million devices sold and it’s not even available in the US of A at all yet. Impressive.

Source: Samsung.

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Could not get an SGSII at a local shop, so thought about purchasing through Mobicity. It would be good if you could let people know Mobicity do not have AU stock but instead are grey imports. Luckily I did not buy through them before finding this out.

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I got mine via a UK site, haven’t had any issues thus far. There’s really no disadvantage to having an imported phone as it’ll work on any network here. The only issue will be if it breaks, then following up on warranty will take more effort than if u purchased the phone here. But this is just my opinion, can totally understand if you’d rather wait for an aussie retailer to have them in stock.

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