Saturday , May 26 2018

Offical YouTube applications gets an update, more options when uploading

The official YouTube application for Android has received an update from Google which bumps the version up to v2.2.14 and brings new options for uploading videos on your mobile device.

You can now edit the title, description and privacy settings of your video; there’s a new UI for the uploading portion of the application; you can now create, edit and delete playlists on the go; as well as various bug fixes and improvements in general.

If you haven’t already updated you can get it now via the source link below, or heading to the Android Market on your mobile device.

Source: Android Market - YouTube.

Buzz Moody  

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2 Comments on "Offical YouTube applications gets an update, more options when uploading"

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Michael Wheatland
Valued Guest
Michael Wheatland

This YouTube update makes streaming video on an Atrix unbearable and actually made the phone crash totally a few times, not just a force close but a battery pull!

Juan Mackie
Valued Guest
Juan Mackie

Update seems to have some problems, youtube not loading videos ?


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