Friday , May 25 2018

HTCdev shows screenshots of HTC Sense on Honeycomb, points to HTC Scribe for Puccini

It appears that HTC’s new developer site, HTCdev, is already providing us with some cool info. Under the Tablet Pen API examples are two screenshots from a Honeycomb device that has a hint of Sense UI mixed in for good measure — as you can see above and after the break.

The screenshots don’t show anything outside of the Tablet Pen screen, however, just from these two pictures we can tell it doesn’t appear to be as over-the-top as we first saw back in May when the HTC Puccini name first leaked.

As the Puccini is the only 10-inch, Honeycomb wielding tablet we currently know about, it’s fair to say that the previous leaked renders showing a capacitive pen and these screenshots showing HTC Scribe on a Honeycomb can be put together to provide the outcome: HTC Puccini will have Pen Input. Whether it’ll actually go beyond drawing pictures of stick-figure people and trees remains to be seen.

Source: HTCdev.

Buzz Moody  

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3 Comments on "HTCdev shows screenshots of HTC Sense on Honeycomb, points to HTC Scribe for Puccini"

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Valued Guest

Can only laugh when I read Puccini after the last podcast..

Ryan Margheriti
Valued Guest

where is the story? i dont get it. 

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