If there’s anything that needs to be improved in mobile devices, it’s the audio quality from their loudspeakers and via any headphones that come in the box. HTC is hoping to put an end to crappy audio quality by announcing today that they’re teaming up with Beats™ to bring better sound to future HTC devices.

We’re unsure whether this means hardware speakers will be changed to Beats™ certified speakers or whether it will just be Beats™ certified headphones that will come in-box with some devices. It’s also not know which devices will be covered under this new agreement — perhaps some of the new devices HTC has been trademarking.

HTC said that they’re aiming at the youth market to sell these devices, and being a part of that demographic, I’d love to have anything better than the crappy in-ear headphones that come with Samsung & HTC products, to be included in the box. I don’t think I’ll be jumping away from my Sennheiser’s anytime soon, though. HTC & Beats™ video embedded after the break.

Source: Android Central.
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Ilija Vrtaric


I would rather they teamed up with SkullCandy…. at least SkullCandy actually has a good range of audio products and not everything from them sounds like muddy bass unlike Beats.

Greg Eden

There are two aspects to sound quality, one is the buds the other the chips that drive the jack. My Galaxy S with Sennheiser CX300II ear buds makes a very high quality sound, although I had to play with the EQ to get it right. One company that is ignored is Creative. The sound quality of Creative products has always been way better than just good. Creative should license X-fi to the phone makers. I would grab one in an instant.

Dylan Waghorne

team up with a real audiophile company, not a marketing company.. they’re like the Apple of audio

David Anderton


Paolo Carreon

Precisely why they teamed up. No one will be excited with another Harman Kardon team-up.

Ishida Kanzar

Not like Beats are audiophile quality… 😛 Still a step up from stock buds though!