Wednesday , October 18 2017

Dell ceases production of the Streak 5, will be remembered

The Dell Streak may have been the first 5-inch phone-tablet-type-of-thing to launch here in Australia on Optus, but now its time has come and gone with Dell announcing today in the US of A that it will no longer be produced and sold to the masses.

The removal of the Dell Streak 5 from Dell’s portfolio of products will pave the way for newer tablets and phones such as the Dell Streak 10 Pro.

We’re not too sure as to whether or not updates will still be made available to the Dell Streak 5 — which is still on Android 2.2 — however, if updates are coming in the future they won’t be a priority.

Source: Dell US.

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Morgan T
Valued Guest
Morgan T

Love my Streak 5 phablet and will replace it with a Samsung Note next year so I can continue using the Dell car dock

Vijay Alapati
Valued Guest
As a dell streak user i’m pretty happy with 2.2.2 on my tablet/phone 🙂 and i really don’t need a update as currently i can make a skype video call and also do video calling with Google vtok (thanks to XDA developers). Able to run all the apps i need. and about the updates i think if we really want 2.3.x then we have to sacrifice a lot of options. eg: people who updated their samsung Galaxy s are now complaining that battery backup became worst. The 2.3.x basic apps use lot of ram and lot of processor power. So… Read more »
Valued Guest

Haha, the url to this post!


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