We know Myer are on the case and have even advertised the Galaxy Tab 10.1, but other then that we have no more about release dates for the so called “RevisedGalaxy Tab 10.1, until now. A very good tipper of ours “P” has provided us with some information regarding the release of the new Tab for Optus. He has heard, that it is likely to launch in first week of next month. Now this lines up with Myer’s release date and seems extremely credible. No pricing has been announced, however “Bundles” is a word that we have been told is being thrown around all over the place. So if your after one of these beauties and would maybe like a Samsung Galaxy S II with it, Optus may just be your poison.

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Fernando De Leon

so myers catalogue is true…i wish! 😀
i also noticed they have a new catalogue came to my place yesterday and it had the galaxy tab 10.1 ..
myers selling 3G variant too and it said coming 1st of Sept! 😀


Our Optus rep told us that we’ll see it next month. Samsung are obviously extremely confident and will sell it despite Apples BS.

We were told : Powerpack 79. (Optus Catalog)

Ronald Huynh

Please delete post.