According to a Tweet from @Vodafone_AU this morning customers who own the Sony Ericsson X10 can now get the Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread update for their phones from today. Head on over to the Vodafone Blog which contains instructions on how to get some warm Gingerbready goodness on your X10. Let us know in the comments how it runs on your X10.

Source: Vodafone.
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when it will be available for 3 mobile users?????? pls reply


Updated couple of weeks ago-optus, the performance increase is great. Benchmarks more than double of rooted 2.1. No visible change to battery life, saving apps to card helps, and after removal of timescape I am finally happy with the phone. Sad that it came so late


Did the update on the mother in laws X10 on the weekend, she’s on Virgin so must be rolling out across the board.

vijay alapati

So its only 2.3.3   that means no Google video chat….whats the use….Gingerbread uses lot of rom….and more battery….but since X10 is currently running only 2.1…its better to get 2.3.3 for a flash support….

Buzz Moody

What’s the point in having Gtalk Video Calling when it doesn’t have a front-facing Camera? Obviously Sony Ericsson don’t see it as essential, and fair enough as well.

2.3.3 is a huge performance increase over 2.1.