Tuesday , February 20 2018

LG will unveil the world’s first smartphone 2D to 3D game conversion engine at IFA

LG knows there’s a problem with Android applications at the moment: there just isn’t enough 3D applications to be used on 3D-displaying devices — like their own Optimus 3D. They plan on combating this issue by unveiling the world’s first 3D game conversion engine for smartphones. Yep, it even sounds bad-ass.

The conversion engine will convert eligible 2D games to 3D when they’re launched by the user. There’s currently no plan for the user to be charged to use this conversion engine, at least on LG devices.

After being announced later in the week (or next week) at IFA in Berlin, LG plans to push out the 3D conversion engine to the Optimus 3D in a maintenance release update during October — did you hear about this, Optus.

LG says this conversion engine will make it easier for smaller game developers to have 3D games without the need for extra people and costs. That’s great and all, LG, but will it actually work decently?

Source: Android Community.

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Willem Reyners Tay
Valued Guest
Willem Reyners Tay

I just dont understand why these businesses waste their time with 3D stuff. At best its a gimmick, at worst its a pain

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