If you spent your hard-earned money buying the HTC Sensation either from Telstra or, even worse, as an early adopter from an importer, you’ll probably want to stop reading.

According to a CNET report, HTC are planning on release a limited edition variant of the HTC Sensation which will be the first of HTC’s devices to feature Beats Audio earphones — a massive improvement over the generic HTC earphones.

That isn’t the only improvement. The CPU in the limited edition Sensation will be a 1.5GHz Dual-Core Qualcomm MSM8260 — the same as in the normal HTC Sensation, just over clocked from 1.2GHz. HTC knows that if you bump up the clock speed on the CPU you’re going to increase power consumption, so they’ve upgraded the battery from 1520mAh to 1730mAh.

The limited edition Sensation is expected to launch soon in the UK for ~$788AUD. If it were to head to our shores, Telstra would be the ones to launch it as they have the exclusive on the Sensation. Larger image after the break.

Source: CNET.