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After launching 2 months ago here in Australia to rave reviews and selling over 5 million handsets so far internationally, the Samsung Galaxy S II launched in the US last night. 3 of the larger carriers launched with customised variants of the well known phone, Verizon being the only major US carrier not to. All appear to have been customised hardware-wise with small tweaks appearing for each model, AT&T & T-Mobile have opted to leave the branding as Samsung Galaxy S II however Sprint has gone with the name Epic 4G Touch.

The Sprint Epic 4G Touch will have :

    4.52″ Screen @ 800X480
    1800mAh Battery
    LED Notification Light
    Release : September 16 @ $199

The AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II will have :

    4.3″ Screen @ 800X480
    1650mAh Battery
    Release : In the coming weeks

The T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II will have :

    4.52″ Screen @ 800X480
    Release : No release information given

Other specs seem to be fairly inline with the phone launched on all major carriers in Australia :

    1.2GHz Exynos Dual Core CPU
    16Gb Onboard storage
    8MegaPixel Camera
    Android 2.3.4 with Samsung TouchWiz User interface

The T-Mobile version is rumoured to be running a dual core Snapdragon processor, unfortunately nothing could be confirmed as the T-Mobile Galaxy S II was only displayed under glass and not handled at the launch. Mobicity has advised they will be getting stock of the US Galaxy S IIs in the next month, so if these appeal to you visually more, then here`s a chance.

What do you think, do the US Variants of the Samsung Galaxy S II look better aesthetically?

Source: EngadgetThis Is My NextPhone Scoop.
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Benjamin Dobell

They don’t look better or worse, but they’re different enough that Apple can’t ban import.


Canada will be first to get the LTE version!!

Peter Graham

This phone going on sale in the US and Canada will really take android’s market share to the next level. For the first time its Apple that is behind the curve now.


I really hope the Sprint 4.52″ version can be made to accept Aussie APN’s! Me wants!!

Aaron McAuley

I’m with you! Also like the style better than the standard SGS2. It has a search button. Am I the only one that finds search buttons REALLY useful?


I never really use the search button but it would be helpful instead of going into contacts and searching from there, etc.. I like that they’ve gone with a more Android approach in the US with their designs, forced by Apple of course, but I like it!

And so cheap over there, USD$199!

Aaron McAuley

the $199 is subsidised with a 2 year contract, I believe. like how they’re $5 a month on a $45 plan (eg) here.


True, they are $549.99 but then subsidised by taking out a 2 year plan to $199.99

Justin Harvey

i know if you hold down the menu button on the SGS it brings up search, i think it would be the same for the SGS II

Julian Pinget

the search button is invaluable – just hold down the options button on the SGS2 in lieu of a dedicated key

Jake Oliver

Pretty sure Sprint use CDMA networks, so it’ll never work in Australia (iirc that is, feel free to correct me if i’m wrong).

AT&T one is pretty much guaranteed to work with telstra though 🙂


True dammit!

Sean Anderson

I’m trying to work out if I prefer my SGSII with its single button or the more traditional set of four Android buttons that these all have.  Apparently only the AT&T version has the super amoled screen – so I’d take that.


All models will have the super amoled screens(SAMOLED),

There is also a mistake in the article, the 4.52″ screen versions, like in the Sprint, will have 1.5 GHz Exynos Dual Core CPU, unlike as written as same as the current Samsung Galaxy SII.

peter baker

Led notification light.  Its the only thing missing from my S 2….