Just the other day we told you that Vodafone and Telstra had plans to release the HTC EVO 3D later this month, we also promised to let you know as soon as we heard about pricing.

Thanks to Trevor Long at YourTechLife we can share that Vodafone will announce the HTC Evo 3D at $15 per month handset fee on the $45 infinite plan over 24 months, or $0 upfront on the $59 Vodafone cap over 24 months. RRP for the device outright will be $849. If you are looking to buy outright then there are cheaper alternatives (Mobicity have it for $799 for example) but if you’re willing to commit to a 24 month plan then these prices look pretty reasonable

Source: YourTechLife.
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24 months for an android phone is 4 generations! Will have to see what they are offering for 12 months.


well mine was $600 from France, shipping was free. Lovely.


When does it go on sale?


Vodafone are saying late September but Crazy Johns are saying mid-September

We’ll post the launch date as soon as we know

vijay alapati

Lets wait till iphone 5 is released so these prices will be reduced