From AndroidGuys is a report that someone had found the GT-i9250 support page on Samsung`s website. They report that they tried plugging in other Model #`s in to get other support pages but came away empty-handed. This news, plus the news of WiFi and Bluetooth certification on the Nexus Prime and the Droid Prime, plus the WAP profile that Samsung recently posted, point to a release hopefully in the not too distant future. You can check out the support page here

Source: Android Guys.
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Faizan Amjad

Cannot wait for this phone. After having the G1 and Nexus One myself and just using the bloatware loaded phones, I can’t settle for a none Nexus line phone. Only phone to really make me want to upgrade so far from when buying the Nexus One is the Sensation 4G but still waiting for this.


It’d be hilarious if this phone didn’t exist and Samsung was just trolling up the interwebz.


I hope it doesn’t look like the picture!! hahah