Inspired by the shape of a folded magazine, the Sony Tablet S is a gorgeous looking device!

Unfortunately all reports coming out of the USA (The Tablet S is yet to be sighted in Australia) are that the device has a very plastic feel and a hollow construction. Most people like to have a device that feels solid in their hands and put simply, this does not! But that’s not the only disappointment, the 9.4″ screen is reported to look fantastic, until the inevitable scratches get into the screen which is very easy to scratch as it’s not (hard to believe I know) made of gorilla glass meaning that the glass is essentially very soft and easy to scratch.

I’ve always been a big fan of Sony hardware, it’s elegant, simplistic, practical and usually very well designed. So if Ausdroid do manage to get our hands on one of these units on release in Australia, I’ll happily stick my hand up to review it in the hope that it is another stunning piece of hardware from Sony. In the meantime I can only hope that the reports on this device are exaggerated and that it is as nice as it looks but I doubt it. It just leaves me to wonder…

What were they thinking?

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    I’m looking forward to the Tablet P… that looks like a neat device.
    This just seems like a bit more of the same. Guess we’ll see.

    I think I read somewhere that the two tablets have their own unique power connector rather than using MicroUSB – if that’s true, that could be a bit annoying.

    Dylan Waghorne

    Tablet S? what a horrible name.


    warning the following comment can be considered a RANT! 
    Please don’t take the following comment in a bad way, i’m simply stating my opinion;I’ve been following this blog since day 1! It one of my favorite Android blogs since the posts here relate directly Aussie Android users.Recently, I’ve been noticing more and more posts about overseas Android news. Who cares if the Sony tablet is on pre-order in the US. If you don’t have any news (or even rumors) about an Australian release, then it shouldn’t be news.Anyways, looking forward to reading more Aussie related posts, like the awesome post by Irwin,


    Early reports are not good….. You forgot to mention the weight issue…. It’s a heavy girl!

    Sadly another bad android tablet is think and I had high hopes!