Wednesday , February 21 2018

Android 2.3 for the Samsung Galaxy S on Vodafone starts rolling out tomorrow

If you’ve not yet cracked the shits and rooted & ROM’d your Samsung Galaxy S that you purchased from Vodafone, then you’ll be relieved to know that the Android 2.3 “Gingerbread” update will be available for download via Samsung Kies starting from 12PM tomorrow (Friday 9th September).

The update is around 400MB in size, so we suggest you don’t tether your phone to your computer to download the update. Also make sure that your battery on the Galaxy S is almost full; updating with low battery may leave your phone as useful as a paperweight.

Source: Vodafone Blog.

Buzz Moody  

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3 Comments on "Android 2.3 for the Samsung Galaxy S on Vodafone starts rolling out tomorrow"

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Valued Guest

Can someone tell me firmware info such as PDA, Baseband, CSC for this release. thanks

Chris Holmes
Valued Guest

Late reply, but here we go:
Build Info: Sun Jul 10 11:30:54 KST 2011

Found through dialing *#1234# in the dialer.

Valued Guest

Downloaded and installed without a hitch.

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