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Ausdroid Podcast 014 – Is 5.3-inches Really Enough? – 07/09/2011

It’s late but it’s here. Better late then never I always say. Anyways, Welcome back to this hollowing casing filled with madness, that is, the Ausdroid Podcast. This is episode 14, recorded Wednesday 7th September. It was definitely a full house for this episode, with everyone except Matt and Irwin joining us. We covered the ever-growing and continuing saga that is Samsung vs Apple, as well as new Tablets hitting the market, Samsung’s new 5.3″ Galaxy Note as well as giving you a roundup of our favourite apps. I’d also advise you not to operate heavy machinery during this episode, as it gets a little rough. ENJOY!

Hit the break for the goods.

Hosts: Lucas Burnett, Buzz Moody, Geoff Fieldew, Scott Plowman, Daniel Tyson and Phil Tann


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2 Comments on "Ausdroid Podcast 014 – Is 5.3-inches Really Enough? – 07/09/2011"

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Ausdroid Reader

Boy, you could really do with some editing to cut this down to a more manageable length. Take out all the discussion of your technical difficulties, for a start. This was the first ep I listened to. Couldn’t stay focused; too many shiny things distracting me, so I didn’t make it to the end.

Greg Whiteley
Valued Guest
Greg Whiteley

Any chance of posting links (or just names) for the apps in the roundup?  Or am I going to have to listen through again?

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