Earlier this week I saw an article on gamesindustry.biz which quoted Tony Bartel the President of GameStop in the US as saying that they are working on re-branding an existing Android Tablet, that would sell alongside Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and Apple. The re-branded tablet will initially ship with a modest offering of games but GameStop intends to stream console games to the device and ship a dedicated controller to complement the experience. I asked EBGames Australia about this as EBGames in Australia is owned by GameStop US and they advised :

You need to contact GameStop in the US then. As EB Games Australia we are a separate entity and can’t help you out unfortunately.

I reached out to GameStop US for comment on if the tablet would be available in Australia and they advised :

We are currently evaluating a curated assortment of tablets to carry in stores this holiday here in the U.S. The chosen tablets will be capable of delivering a great gaming experience using the latest chip technology. They could come pre-loaded with exclusive content.

A gaming controller specific to tablets is being researched and scoped in order to enhance the tablet gaming experience.

To answer your question, it’s really too early to share details related to our international plans for the program.

So basically we do have a link to GameStop US in that they own EB Games Australia and so they have a channel to distribute their tablet here, as to whether they go ahead with releasing it here would depend on them. Would you purchase a dedicated gaming tablet?

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    A gaming tablet. Sure why not?
    From EB/GS… hell NO!
    As Tim stated before… I will not pay for an over priced game on a cheap device that probably get marketed twice or thrice the original value.


    Either way, if EB Games prices compared to the priced Gamestop charge in the US .. based on a $600 – Galaxy Tab 10.1 – I’d be expecting to pay $1000+ for a started tablet + extra for the games … EB Games would be up there with Sanity in topping the ripoff groups.

    Try ozgameshop.com – heaps better and free delivery.


    Whoa – a gaming tablet! If I was a bit younger, I’ll consider purchasing it depending on the specs and existing technology available on the day. 

    I presume it will have the Kal-El quad core chip?