You might remember when we reported late in August that Samsung were going to sell their official 2000mAh extended battery (& back cover) for the Galaxy S II i9100 starting from the 29th of September. Well that date has been pushed back about a month, with a new release date set for October 24th.

The pricing is still the same though at $39.95, so there’s nothing to worry about on that front. I found the postponed release a tad annoying as I was eyeing a few of these batteries off — a ‘few’ to give away; one for me.

Oh well, we’ll just keep waiting. Who else is a little bit annoyed? Let us rage in the comments.

Source: Samsung Australia.
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David Appleseed

Now not available until November?!?! X(


It wasnt postponed was it ? Just sold out? , I got one today from techbuy?

Buzz Moody

Techbuy are importing them I think, all one and the same I guess, we’re just sticking to the official site sales.


does any1 knows when vodafone is gonna get new update as internet keeps dropping


I am actually annoyed by the fact that SGSII did not come with NFC which is why I haven’t purchased it yet.

Jake Oliver

Always the 3200mah Mugen:

$98, but has a whole extra 1200mah than the official one!


Interesting…I am a bit wary when it comes to non-official batteries.


I was so annoyed I purchased one online internationally, says I should get it 2-5 days. $42 delivered.


Hey mate, have you received your extended battery from these guys yet?.. I don’t mean to be a the bearer of bad news but apparently this version of the battery is the NFC version and the back cover is only compatible with the Korean SGSII. Have you tried it on your phone yet? I ordered mine from these guys as well and mine came today (haven’t opened it yet) but I’ve been communicating with them and this is what they have told me. ‘The EB-K1A2EBSG is the Korean version of the EB-K1A2EBEGSTD, and was supposed to be compatible with all Galaxy S… Read more »


i did this… disspaointed


I sent mine back to Korea on Monday for a refund, you will probably find that Australia Post will tell you that you can’t send batteries.