Parrot the company behind the AR Drone is going to release the first Android powered car stereo system. Released next month in Australia the Android powered single DIN stereo will be supplied with a GPS dongle and has the option for users to attach a 3G dongle(not supplied) which will enable users to access innovative web services. Read on for some details.

On launch the stereo will have access to 6 applications :

Geo-localisation :

  • Maps is a cartography service which identifies and locates points of interest close to the vehicle. Using the zoom function enables the user to dial, hands-free, the indicated phone numbers of a selected business, and access their information or plan routes.
  • Roadtrip is an itinerary service to touristic points of interest which vocally provides historical and meteorological information linked to the selected venue. Pictures are also displayed on the screen of the ASTEROID

Driving assistance :

  • Wikango* is a connected speed camera warning app system especially adapted to the ASTEROID screen that provides information about speed controls in real time. The spots are declared and shared between Wikango users.
  • Weather offers weather forecast information during the entire road trip.

Contact management :

  • TextFriendly gives drivers the ability to read and compose emails or text messages by voice, without any manipulation of the mobile phone.

Music :

  • TuneIn provides access to music, sports, news or current events from anywhere in the world with more than 50,000 stations to choose from.

Impressively they actually have the source code available on the site, which I imagine will allow you to look at creating your own applications compatible with the stereo.

Hardware wise the single Din Parrot Asteroid comes with a split faceplate which has a detachable control panel with Jog Wheel on the left and a 3.2″ TFT Colour LCD(which doesn`t appear to detach) on the right, which displays the name and picture of phonebook contacts, album covers, the selection of available applications and services, or Maps and other web applications.

The Stereo comes with 4 USB ports, jack cable and RCA :

Bluetooth is via Bluetooth v2.1+ EDR Profiles: HFP, Bluetooth Stereo (A2DP), OPP, PBAP, HSP,SPP and AVRCP. Sound is output via a 4 x 55W built-in MOSFET amplifier.

The Parrot ASTEROID allows users to listen to music from a variety of sources including USB key, iPhone® / iPod®, MP3 player, SD card and if a 3G Dongle is connected : online radio stations. Music files can also be sent to the car receiver from a mobile phone and via Bluetooth® stereo A2DP. ASTEROID further offers the functionality of a traditional car receiver with a FM/AM tuner and RDS text+ service.

The stereo will also allow users to search for songs by name or album using voice recognition by pressing a dedicated button on the front panel of the Parrot ASTEROID, the ASTEROID will then automatically search for your request in any connected peripherals.

The Parrot ASTEROID will be available in next month at the recommended retail price of AUD$399. On their website Parrot lists : Telstra, Repco, Autobarn, Dick Smith, Strathfield & WOW Sight and sound as retailers for their car products, here`s hoping they`ll decide to stock the Parrot Asteroid when it`s released.

You can also check out full hardware specs here. I`m actually in need of a stereo in my car so i`ll be checking this out when it comes out for sure, anyone else?

Source: Parrot.
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    I am very excited by this, not necessarily this head unit but the idea of Android head units. I have been thinking about trying to create a double DIN head unit that runs a tablet OS (Android). 

    Now I can just wait rather than go through the pain myself!

    Phil Tann

    This is a very cool looking device!
    I’m very excited to look into this, my stereo in my car is slowly dying which is upsetting but also remarkably good timing.  🙂


    no mention of digital radio? how about using wifi to access the net (via a compatible mobile) ?


    I just hope they gave it a rigorous bug-checking. Pulling over to fiddle with the stereo because it Force Closed would be a bit crap.

    Daniel Murphy

    excited about it but its probably out of my range price wise.


    Yup, like Avon I’ll be waiting to find out why the audio is like before looking into this. A fantastic idea tho…

    Avon Perera

    I’ve been waiting for something like this for a while. My only concern is what the audio quality will be like. My previous HU was an Alpine 103BT and the bluetooth worked flawlessly on it with my Galaxy S (Alpine uses Parrot bluetooth modules) so I’m looking forward to the options this presents.