The maintenance update that Vodafone reported was in the pipeline for the Samsung Galaxy S II is now available for users. The update can be made over the air or via Samsung Kies. The size of the update over the air is 7.7MB or 930MB if you update via Kies, so you know which update we’re thinking would be quickest.

According to Vodafone the update fixes some common problems as well as intermittent slow data throughput when using the Galaxy S II as a Wi-Fi hotspot. Good news! Tell us how the update process goes in the comments.

Source: Vodafone.
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no difference still with the update…stilll the internet drops frequently…dnt know y vodafone provide this kind of services and if they works still its the same


I wonder why my stock android phone hasnt updated yet and cant find the update. I knew I should have bought it from a carrier and not a normal shop outright. 😉


What version of Android do you have on yours?


Android 2.3.3
Baseband I9100XXKE7


Had an optus update yestetday too on sgs2.


Damn. I was hoping that the update in test at vodafone was the 2.3.4 update (I want the USB host support).  I guess it will be a few more months wait for that 🙁


I installed the over the air update.  So far the only noticeable difference is that the ring tone I used to use isn’t there anymore.  Damn.


how can the same update be two orders is magnitude larger depending on the delivery mechanism? What is the advantage of going the kies route?

Buzz Moody

Kies requires the whole system to be updated in this instance, whereas the over the air update is processed on the device differently so it only needs the files to be updated.


It’ll take more than a firmware update to fix “intermittent slow data throughput” on the Vodafone network.