It’s okay everyone, settle down, the Wednesday Deal is back from a holiday in Barbados, or wherever gadgets go on holiday. Today’s partnership with MobiCity for the Wednesday Deal is bringing you the Archos 7 Home Tablet for $149, the Google/Samsung Nexus S (NextG Compatible) for $449 and the powerhouse Samsung Galaxy S II for $599. Hit the break to get into the deals.

Archos 7 Tablet

The Archos 7 is a 7-inch tablet running android 2.1. It has Wi-Fi for internet connectivity, a 600MHz to power the thing and 8GB of internal memory (expandable 32GB slot). Although it doesn’t come with the Android Market or any other Google Apps, you can install the Android Market manually and go on your way to Google-powered bliss.

Buy the Archos 7 Tablet for $149 (save $40)

Google/Samsung Nexus S (NextG)

The second Nexus device, the Nexus S, may be available exclusively through Vodafone, but it certainly isn’t the Telstra NextG compatible version that MobiCity are offering today. This version has the Super LCD instead of the Super AMOLED display — far from a killer spec change.

Buy the Google/Samsung Nexus S (NextG) for $449 (save $50)

Samsung Galaxy S II

Do I really have to give you a description of the Galaxy S II from Samsung? I mean really, it’s the best phone I’ve reviewed (HTC Sensation and SE Xperia Arc a tie second) and even the ABC’s resident tech-lover thinks it’s the best smartphone out there at the moment.

But the Samsung Galaxy S II for $599 (save $50)

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