+ Tuesday October 22nd, 2019

If you’re the patient owner of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1v from Vodafone (I’m not any more!) then you’ll be.. maybe not all that happy, that the Android 3.01 maintenance update is available for download onto your Honeycomb tablet.

It may not be the big Android 3.1, or even 3.2, update that most owners would have liked to have seen, but it’s something none the less. Vodafone’s Community Manager, Tim_H, did go on to say..

Once the update has rolled out, we’ll look to share any information available then on future updates. But for now, our priority is the approved maintenance release to get your Tab running smoothly.

The update — all 119.9MB of it — will come over the air and should hit all Galaxy Tabs in the next few days. The change list for the update can be found after the break.

1) Under certain circumstances the device would stop receiving data from the mobile network. A fix has been implemented to automatically restart the connection when this occurs.
2) An occasional issue where long-touching a link can open an incorrect address has been resolved.
3) An issue where changing the text size in the browser would result in reduced functionality has been resolved.
4) Various localization and translation fixes.
5) Various bug fixes and stability improvements.

Source: Vodafone Community.

Buzz Moody  

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I’ve been running 3.1 with the SEO Rom for a couple of months now. i highly recommend it to everyone. Just google xda+galalxy 10.1v+seo. Its a little daunting to start but you’ll be so glad you did.  


Hmm, ‘fix’ 1). Doesn’t actually fix the problem it just automatically restarts the device, quality work there Vodafail!

Geoff Fieldew
Ausdroid Reader

This seems to be about the same effort Windows put into a weekly ‘Patch Wedneday’ update.

Free tip: devices exclusive to one network carrier allow that carrier to drag their feet because thereis no competition from other carriers who may update the same device sooner. I learnt this the hard way 🙁


Spot on, I bought my Asus Eee pad transformer from Amazon, $150 less than what you can get it from in Oz and updated it immediately to 3.2 OTA

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