Me, I’m a big fan of Minecraft (although I haven’t been able to play it much of late) and I know that Buzz is also a pretty big fan as well, and my addiction is about to be revived because over at DroidGamers they’re refering to a tweet from Daniel Kaplan the Business Manager for Mojang (the company behind Minecraft) which advises Minecraft will be coming to Android from Thursday (September 29th). More After the break
A good number of people are taking this to mean the “rest” of Android as it’s currently under an exclusivity agreement with the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. As far as I can tell from reading about the Xperia Play version it still doesn’t allow you to connect to server for multi-player action but allows connection over WiFi to achieve a localised version of multi-player Minecraft.

In his tweet he included a video which shows of the in game touch controls which includes an auto-jump as well as a manual jump, mining function and the ability to place blocks, you can check out the video he posted which demos the controls here :

Currently the Xperia Play exclusive version of Minecraft costs $6.50 and quite frankly I’d pay this to get some mobile Minecraft action happening, so I’ll be checking the Android Market on Thursday for a Minecraft version for the rest of us, who else is excited about getting some mobile Minecraft on their Android?

Source: DroidGamers.
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    Well the version on the market currently is that still the xperia play version? Says not available for galaxy s2

    Carsten Bauer

    What servers do you and Buzz play on?

    Buzz Moody

    I play on my home network and open it up to my friends to join in.

    Who would have guessed the Samsung Series 9 can run a Minecraft server for 4-5 people.