We haven’t heard anything from the team at Cyanogen Mod regarding progress on the Touchpad for a while now and after using WebOS for a while, I’m more than ready to get Android onto it. WebOS is an Ok OS, and it has some great ideas but it just doesn’t feel complete to me. Now a tweet has come out with a video which appears to CM7 being loaded onto a Touchpad. Hit the break for the video.

According to the information on the YouTube page the video is from the CM team, and they have created an installer called ACME (A CyanogenMod Experimental Installer) to make the process of installing CM7 onto a Touchpad a simple process. They advise only 3 things are needed :

  1. ACME Installer – the installer itself.
  2. novacom – a program from HP that is used to load and run the ACME Installer. “novacom” is available for Linux, Mac, and Windows computers.
  3. A “cm-update…zip” payload file. This file should be familiar if you have used cm7 before. It contains cyanogenmod itself.

The video also demonstrates how once CM7 is installed WebOS can still be used, so all the WebOS fans out there (I’m sure there is 1 or 2) can play with it still. The CM team do advise that

This demonstration should NOT be interpreted as a sign that any alpha release is imminent. We are still working to get things up to our standards. Thanks for the continued patience, and remember– NO ETAS!’

That said, I’m still excited anyway. Getting to see Android running on this is exciting, with Ice-Cream Sandwich possibly being announced next week, hopefully the lessons learned getting Gingerbread loaded can be translated to loading an ICS version of CM(CM8?) onto the Touchpad fairly quickly.

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