Monday , August 20 2018

Samsung USA have uploaded an extended/updated version of the teaser video we wrote about yesterday. Close to the end of the video they mention the above: “Always ahead of the curve”. If that’s not a direct relation to the curved display, I don’t know what is. Samsung and Google are definitely going to use the display to make the Nexus Prime — if that is indeed what this device is — stand out against its competition. Just over 5 days to go until we find out exactly what Google and Samsung have up their sleeves. The video is embedded after the break.

Here’s the enhanced photo we added to our post yesterday:

Source: YouTube.

Buzz Moody  

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These are the supposed Nexus Prime specs:

4.65″ 1280×720 Super AMOLED display (not SAMOLED+ though)
1.5ghz dual core processor
1gb RAM
8 megapixel camera (with an improved sensor)
2050mAh battery
Dual GSM/CDMA radio

Don’t know how accurate these are, again just rumour, but these specs do look tasty. Especially the screen and that battery.

Almost French
Valued Guest
Almost French

Love the design. Much better than the boring iPhone I reckon.

Valued Guest

The exciting thing for me is those three dots on the side. They look like a docking power and data connection like on the nexus one – interesting that they are on the side though, do you dock it in landscape?  No other phone having these connections has stopped my buying a new phone. Looks like I’m getting a nexus prime!

Disgruntled Tech
Valued Guest

A hardware keyboard ? There will never be a hardware keyboard on a Nexus device

Valued Guest

🙁 I am not seeing a qwerty keyboard 🙁 I wonder if Droid 3’s RAM can be upgraded (easily)…

Valued Guest

I think if there was going to be a hardware keyboard, there’d be two different Nexus Prime models. One with and one without.

Not so confident that’ll happen, so, looks like it’ll be the Droid 3 for me too until the Droid 4 comes out.
For keyboard users, motorola really are top tier. Don’t think that’ll change anytime soon.

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