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Update: All Things D is reporting that the event was postponed out of respect for Steve Jobs. “We believe this is not the right time to announce a new product as the world expresses tribute to Steve Jobs’s passing”. The device itself has not been postponed, so the time between unveiling and availability won’t be too long. Good move, Google & Samsung; respectful.

Wow, here’s some massive news: Google and Samsung have cancelled the October 11th UNPACKED event where the Nexus Prime was expected to be announced alongside Ice Cream Sandwich. Google and Sammy had the following to say: “Samsung and Google decide to postpone the new product announcement at CTIA Fall. We agree that it is just not the right time to announce a new product. New date and venue will be shortly announced“. No new date has been set. Looks like we’ll have to hold onto that video and those screenshots for a little while longer before we see the real thing.

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llerrad Reham

Apple are so lucky. Just hours after they show the world their biggest disappointment, steve jobs passes away and their phone is off the hook. And now samsung google are doing the same because they don’t want to be seen as heartless. Like apple.

Tim Marshall

don’t know about this being googles ethics and morals – I reckon its a brilliant business decision. Why launch the biggest competition for the iphone in the week people are the most nostalgic about the iphone and its creator? that would be a terrible move and a massive buzzkill


I am disappoint!

Darren White

Respect the man but He and Apple would be the first to drive the knife in if Android missed a step. 

Buzz Moody

Maybe. But it’s clear to see here that Samsung and Google have ethics


I dunno bout the rest of the world but the rollercoaster ride with the galaxy 10.1 here in aus has really irritated me and just when I put aside my anger to it not launching and thought…hey..its cool…it happens…and then have some relief in a new fantastic product it gets canned too… still riding that coaster hey… if Apple has something to do with it (lawsuits etc etc) there’s gonna be a massacre.

Milty C

Yes, I agree totally. Its really annoying to have both the Tab 10.1 and Nexus Prime postponed both due to Apple either directly or indirectly.

I must confess that i was considering both the ipad2 and iphone4s, but after this whole episode of the tab 10.1 being banned by the courts thanks to Apple im vowing to never buy Apple again. For me Apple have finally shown their true colours and its not a good look.

Apple may have user friendly products but they are dictators of the worst kind. No thanks.


Oh come on……

We were this close to seeing Nexus Prime and ICS reveal and they do this to us? They could have wow’d the mobile industry with a kick-ass showing, right after Apple’s dismal one and they cancel it?
Wonder what happened. This sucks so much.

Jake Oliver

$5 on apple suing them because it’s a black rectangular shape :p


even in death steve jobs is pissing me off

Dr Drjones01

What that has to do with steve Jobs death ?


I think Steve Jobs’ funeral is on the 11th, the same day this Unpacked event was supposed to happen.

So it makes sense for Google/Samsung not to hold the event that day, the media would be covering Steve’s funeral and the Nexus Prime/ICS would be background news.

It’s actually better off for Google/Samsung to postpone the event so they can get a fair shot in the spotlight.

Dr Drjones01

This might be a possibilty yes. Anyway they are only delaying the announcement. We do not have any availability date yet. So it might not change anything at all


Even if it’s the day before or after…
a) They’ll be out of the spotlight.
b) It’ll just seem nasty.
c) Lots of Apple Love will be in the air.

It”s obvious that Sammy and Google are ready to go.  And even if they aren’t, they could fake it.  They wouldn’t cancel over some last minute bug.

Milty C

I agree with you, but after seeing the leaked video of the nexus prime that showed it laggy and unresponsive i cant help thinking that Steve Jobs passing was partly an excuse to delay because they need more time.  

Jake Oliver

Not Cool.

Really not Cool.