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If you want to have some hands on with a piece of Ice Cream Sandwich, today’s your lucky day. Music.apk v4.0.1 from Ice Cream Sandwich has made its way from the Nexus Prime to the internet and now all it needs to do is make its way to your device. I’ve had it running on my Galaxy S II for the past few minutes, and it seems cool enough — pretty much a UI overhaul to bring in the neon blue theme of Honeycomb/ICS. I’ve added some screenshots below if installing it just isn’t quick enough for visual eye-candy. Download link in the source.

[nggallery id=92]

Source: Music.apk 4.0.1Android Police.
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    vijay alapati

    can some on tell me how to get the 3D gallery view for the albums….i installed it and works fine….bot able to get the 3d gallery option like this pic 

    please some on help me 🙁


    Messing around with with it for a bit, it’s pretty cool. Shame the widget for it is very boring looking. IMO Power AMP has the best widgets with album art.

    Jake Oliver

    It’s cool, but I’m surprised that google, the king of searching, haven’t implemented some sort of album art search to it.

    Buzz Moody

    That’s what annoys me about the music player on Android. I’ve moved completely to Grooveshark because although it’s $9/mo I get all the music I want and 9 times out of 10 it has album artwork.

    I guess it’s a good opportunity for apps like this: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.citc.aag

    Jake Oliver

    Yeah, grooveshark isn’t exactly for me (have far too much of an established offline media collection)

    The app linked seems to work pretty well though.

    The real thing I don’t understand is this=
    Why leak individual apps? I mean, if they have the device, it’s pretty easy to rip and dump the whole system.


    Where is the link to download the music player?

    Matt Booth

    There is a multiupload link in the source, under the gallery pics