Tuesday , May 22 2018

Minecraft Pocket Edition expected to launch today (update: it’s available!)

Mojang postponed the launch of Minecraft Pocket Edition for all Android devices a week ago, however, today one of their developers, Daniel Kaplan, announced on via Twitter that Minecraft Pocket Edition would launch today *cheers*. Kaplan later replied to a Tweet which asked if bugs would still be found when run on the Galaxy S, to which he replied yes — so if you own a Galaxy S and want to play Minecraft, you might experience a few hiccups here and there. We’ll post the link here once the game is available on the Android Market.

Update: It’s available to download now (for $6.70). Daniel Kaplan said on his Twitter that it is best used on a phone with a 1GHz+ CPU and Android 2.3.

Source: @Kappische.

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3 Comments on "Minecraft Pocket Edition expected to launch today (update: it’s available!)"

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Ausdroid Reader

The demo version worked fine on my Xperia X10.
Sucks battery, of course.

Valued Guest

Being an avid player of Minecraft on PC, bugs are standard fare with anything Mojang so I’m not surprised.

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